Encircle is the loyalty program launched by Titan Company Limited. It rewards members who choose to shop at Tanishq and allows them to earn reward points and exclusive privileges on every purchase, all with one simple membership.


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How it works

Earn Points from your very first purchase!

You can start earning from your first purchase as a Silver tier member

One Encircle Point = 1 AED

Each encircle point is equal to 1 AED. Points will be credited within 24 hrs of the transaction.


You always win as an Encircle member!

There's no end to how much you can do with your Encircle membership

*Points earned for every 50 AED spent on Non Discounted Products
Tiers Plain Gold Jewelery Studded Jewelery
SILVER 0.2 Pts 0.3 Pts
GOLD 0.3 Pts 0.7 Pts
PLATINUM 0.4 Pts 1.0 Pts
1 Point = 1 AED

We Love Giving You Back Something Special In Return For Your Love, Here Are Some More Membership Benefits

Birthday/Anniversary Offers!

We love it when you can buy yourself something special on your Special Days; so every year, we're going to give you a Happy Birthday/Anniversary Offers, just like that! Buy something nice okay?

Encircle First!

You're an encircle member for a reason, and that's why, you get to set your eyes on the latest in everything across Tanishq Universe! Because exclusive peek feels good!

Encircle Services

We like being a part of the things you need. So if you're an encircle member, we'll give your jewellery a good clean.