Store Inspiration

Meena Bazaar

DUBAI - A melting pot of cultures and nationalities, a pinnacle of cosmopolitan sensibilities and a cornucopia of art and beauty. In an era of rapid globalization, Dubai has time and again retained its unique DNA - of avant garde aesthetics fused with traditional Arabic influences across architecture, music and cuisine


Dubai Collections




Chandelier Spaces

Opulent Arabic-inspired pendant lamps dangling from the center of the ceiling await you at the very entrance, soaking you in a warm and radiant welcome. The ceiling that houses the lamps is treated with Khatamband styled lattice, bordered beautifully by Bastakiya quarter inspired brackets This whole cove is finished with an outer floral patterned running motif band. The same treatment of chandelier and ceiling design is continued on the first floor.

Adorning the City of Gold


Staircase Wall,
Handrail & Balustrades

To accompany you as you step into the next level are elegant stairways treated with wooden handrails and iron balusters, inspired by prominent Islamic motifs seen across building most quintessentially known to Dubai.

Floral patterned motifs on the cove, chandelier and ceiling lend an air of lushness. Minimalistic, yet culturally-relevant, the space echoes a soothing sensibility


Cash Counter

Islamic geometric motifs synonymous with historic structures across the city adorn the main cash-back on the ground floor, in the form of 3D relief lattice. Elegantly perched upon this is tranquil branding in Jade green marble.

The intricate lattice further extends to the doors of storage spaces to lend a sense of seamlessness and elegant functionality to the space


First Floor
Wall Treatment

Exquisitely glass cut motifs arch across empty wall spaces on the first floor, while visual wooden frames stand proud at the bottom.

The unique artistry is inspired by the Bastakiya Quarters and market places in Dubai, evoking a sense of surrealism and gently transporting you to a distinctly imaginative world.