Sustainability at

Sustainability at Tanishq - Business sustainability comes with responsible behaviour towards all its stakeholders
and more specifically towards the environment and community and Tanishq has a rich legacy of the same.


Turning the world into a
better place.


Converting into a
efficient supply chain


Skill-based programs
for employees.


Sustainable Development
of the Planet

Titan has taken several steps to embed sustainability in
its operations, with specific focus on energy and water to
positively impact environment and communities. This
includes various efforts.

Sustainable Development
of the Product

With integrated supply chain as a strategic advantage to
balance between making in-house and outsourcing,
Titan is able to ensure the reach of its products across
markets swiftly, efficiently and at optimum cost. The
primary focus has always been to build a sustainable and
agile integrated supply chain ecosystem in India.

Sustainable Development
of the People

Titan provides a safe, productive and conducive
environment where employees can learn and develop
their skills and talent. Apart from serving customers,
employees innovate and develop products and services
in an increasingly competitive world.

Renewable energy constitutes

60% of the total energy consumed at the manufacturing plants
Renewable energy constitutes 60% of the total energy
consumed at the manufacturing plants

gold used in production is from
recycled sources


of brass utilised in manufacturing
comes from recycled sources.


water used in at manufacturing is
recycled water

Responsible Neighborhood

Titan has over a period of time taken up many lakes or water bodies in the vicinity of its manufacturing locations
at Hosur/Pantnagar and rejuvenating them making sure a few water bodies such as ponds are restored to enable
water conservation. The biggest initiative has been rainwater harvesting across all plant locations..


Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all.
It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise
environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.